Friday, March 27, 2009

A day in my scrubs (Post #1)

(Look, it's a kitty!)

Lets take a gander, shall we?

I walk into the waiting room of the hospital, where depending on how busy it is, you will either see people running about, or people watching family feud. The walls are a pale shade of pea soup. I walk through the second door, and head into the basement, a place where several animals call home. I start the day by feeding the house animals (1 Shih-Tzu, and 3 cats), and taking note of any patients that are there. If medicine needs to be given, I handle that with relative ease. Once the animals are fed and food is served, I go upstairs and spend the rest of the day working in the rooms with the doctors. Allow me to give you a typical scenario.
-Enter client with pet, most likely named something original like princess or lucky.
-Lucky/Princess pees in room, owner swears she never does this.
-Lucky/Princess tries to bite, owner finds it cute
-Owner tells us that Lucky/Princess has been sick for either 10 minutes or 1 month.
-We treat the pet, owner walks out of the room happy
-Owner complains about the bill, usually saying something like "This dog costs me more than when I go to the doctor!"
That about sums up an average day at the hospital. The hospital is either running at a grueling pace, or extremely slow. It can be stressful sometimes, and other times its nice. I think that my biggest problem with the job is the owners. Most of the problems we see could have either been handled sooner, or were caused by the people in the first place. I guess too many people like the idea of having a pet, but dislike the work involved in keeping one responsibly.

Until next time...